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Researcher, husband and Stractaft 2 player

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Hello, World!

My name is Dimitri Racordon. I love coding, running, cheese, coffee, whisky and playing Stracraft 2, in no particular order.

I am a post-doc research at University of Geneva, Swizterland, in Didier Buchs’s group. My work focuses on type-based approaches for memory safety. My main research interests include type systems (obviously), language design, compiler construction and virtual machine implementations. I dedicated my Ph.D. dissertation to the study of memory assignment semantics in programming languages.

Besides research, I am also actively involved in software development and engineering. Most (if not all) of my work is open source and available on my GitHub profile.

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About myself

I’m from Geneva, Switzerland. I’m a husband and father of one. I speak French, English and 日本語. I also speak Swift, C/C++, Python and Javascript, almost as fluently.

I created my GitHub account during the peak of my interest in Japanese animation, thus my handle. I have less time for this hobby now, but am still partial to the work of Shaft and Kyoto Animation.

I’m also known as Alvae by my friends from video games. I’m a Starcraft 2 player. I play Zerg, the broken race.